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The Spam Has Arrived

Now I remember why we stopped putting comment forms on everything.

The other day, I posted an article about implementing webmentions on this site. Today, I’m battling an endless stream of spam in my mentions.

I first noticed it on a Netlify deploy preview. A faceless mention from ‘admin’ at ‘imoneyhub’.

screenshot: admin, June 9, 2022, mentioned this in

I assumed right away it must be spam, but I’m glad I clicked through. It turns out Geoff Graham wrote a lovely CSS-Tricks reply about his own struggle setting up webmentions, and some of the Wordpress plugins that can help.

But I didn’t see a mention from CSS-Tricks (at least not right away). Instead, Geoff’s post has been re-posted by ‘admin’ on a long list of random URLs, all (web)mentioning my original post. The dashboard shows me all of them (with a few legit mentions scattered through):

screenshot: Recent Webmentions, and a small-print list of faceless random urls, and a few blurred-out legit mentions

All of these mentions made it into my local cache, but only one made it into a build. It seems the rest were caught in a simple filter that came from Max Böck’s Eleventy Webmentions starter. It’s a quick JS function that ensures every mention has an author name and a timestamp.

// only allow webmentions that have an author name and a timestamp
const checkRequiredFields = (entry) => {
const { author, published } = entry;
return Boolean(author) && Boolean( && Boolean(published);

That caught all but one of the spam mentions (‘admin’ made it through!), but it also caught the mention from CSS-Tricks, which doesn’t include Geoff’s info, a timestamp, or even content. So I already have both false negatives and false positives in my filtering. Fun!

I can go through these by hand, and delete/block each one in the dashboard. I also have to delete them in my local cache. And while I’m at it, I’ve added author info in the cache for Geoff? We’ll see if that sticks. But there has to be a better way, right?


There has to be a better way, right?

Update (2022-06-11)

There is a shared blocklist maintained by Shawn Wang, which I’m now using and will contribute back to.

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