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This is not what I had in mind. I thought my website would be way cooler than this. I wanted to make something like the 1996 SpaceJam website, but about me instead.

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A long-term plan for logical properties?

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The CSS Working Group is discussing ‘logical properties’ today with the Internationalization Working Group – and there’s a great new article on the topic this week from Jeremy Keith.

Container Queries in Browsers!

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After nearly 15 years as a highly-requested feature in CSS – and 15 years being told it was impossible – (size) Container Queries and units have shipped in both Chrome/Edge 105, and Safari 16! Firefox is not far behind.

A Whole Cascade of Layers

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I really enjoyed Dave Rupert’s Modern alternatives to BEM, which concludes with a link to my redesign. So let’s talk about my seven-layer burrito of styles – what he calls SBRDFLT. What’s that all about?

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Monkey Writr

» code art

A monkey hitting keys at random for an infinite amount of time will eventually want some help writing Hamlet (or whatever). You’re the monkey. We’re here to help.

Why is CSS so Weird?

» video @ Mozilla Developer

Love it or hate it, CSS is weird: not quite markup, not quite programming in the imperative sense, and nothing like the design programs we use for print. How did we get here?

Riding SideSaddle*

» novel @ SpringGun Press

A fragmented memory of friendship – navigating fluid genders, relationships, and bodies that resist order, category, or completion. Inspired by Margaret Clap, and the many myths of Hermaphroditus.