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Miriam Eric Suzanne

a.k.a Mia – Author, Artist, and Web Developer

Miriam with a laptop and water bottle,
wearing a bright yellow leather jacket,
trans lightning earrings,
and a headset mic
while speaking at a conference.

As a co-founder of OddBird, Teacup Gorilla, and Grapefruit Lab I hope to create art & software that celebrate the queerness of human experience.

Over the last 15 years I’ve published novels & albums & technical manuals; created award-winning theater & open-source tools; cleaned my bedroom more than once; and presented at conferences around the world – but I’ve never been promoted at a job, done a whiteboard interview, or graduated from college.

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Code Bio

Miriam is an artist, developer, and open-web advocate. As a co-founder of OddBird, Invited Expert with the W3C CSS Working Group, and Sass core contributor, She has spent the last 15+ years building, teaching, and helping push the boundaries of web technology.

Miriam created the popular Susy, grid library for Sass in 2009, and then True, the leading Sass tool for unit testing. These days she’s working on extending the Sass color module to support wide-gamut color-spaces, while guiding the development of Container Queries, Scope, and Cascade Layers in CSS.

Art Bio

Miriam is an artist and developer working across a range of media. She makes music with Teacup Gorilla, and theater with Grapefruit Lab – in addition to being a published novelist, visual artist, and digital poet.

Miriam won the 2017 True West Award for 10 Myths on the Proper Application of Beauty Products (Buntport Theater, 2016), the stage adaptation of her debut novel Riding SideSaddle* (SpringGun Press, 2015). Recent productions include Jane/Eyre a queer adaptation of the classic novel, and Pity+Fear an exploration of identity and storytelling – both with Grapefruit Lab.




since April 2008

I co-founded OddBird with my brothers in 2008 to create scalable, accessible, and performant web applications with a human-centered design.

Grapefruit Lab

since August 2009

We want to make art without assumptions – art that humanizes and entertains and challenges and brings people into conversation.

Teacup Gorilla

since March 2010

Teacup Gorilla inhabits the venues of Denver, CO with dark indie-rock soundscapes and evocative poetry – often compared to early Modest Mouse, Explosions in the Sky, or the Velvet Underground.


since July 2017

Sass is the most mature, stable, and powerful professional grade CSS extension language in the world.

W3C CSS Working Group

since March 2020

I was invited to join the CSS Working Group to help develop the next level of Cascading & Inheritance – along with Container Queries, CSS scoping, and more.

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