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Jordan, live at Comedy Works

Jordan and I were never close. Her colleagues say she was private, but I only experienced her generosisty, kindness, and humor. She is one of the first trans women I talked to before coming out. She was blunt about her own experience, but endlessly supportive. You do you, girl. You have to do you. After that, she checked in regularly — making sure I was ok.

I know I wasn’t the only trans woman she helped. Jordan saved lives.

Estrogentrification comedy album

I only saw her perform once, and it was amazing. She’s also a great writer. I recommend a trip down the rabbit hole. Is that gross? It sounds gross.

I look in the mirror and see a person looking back at me every day, a person I didn’t necessarily think I’d ever see. I like that person. I genuinely like that person. I like the way she holds herself. I like the confidence you can see behind her muted green eyes. She has seen me at my worst and she has seen me at my best. She is a person that makes me happy and I am so thrilled I get to spend the rest of my life with her. I wish everyone could look into that mirror.

—Jordan Wieleba, The Happiest Place on Earth