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Keep rolling the dice. You’re bound to win eventually.

AI generated Sisyphus
awkwardly straddling rocks,
while holding a boulder
carved to be almost dice-like –
there are mountains and maybe more dice
in the background
The AI branding wasn’t as successful as I hoped, but neither is the game.

What you need


All players start with their token on the board.

Take turns

Keep rolling the dice until one of the following:


The game ends when any player gives up.


The more dice you roll, the farther you might move. But fewer dice will move you more quickly.

Does it matter? No, it does not.

Game Art

AI generated
big dice-like white boulder
with strange facets and black dots
sitting in a mountain range
AI generated
black and white, a
muscular body without a head
leans over a large dice
with illegible markings –
there are mountains in the background
AI generated
mountain side
with what might be people,
some large boulders,
and a massive distorted dice-like
object above them in the sky
How long can you spend generating AI art for a game idea this bad?