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Try to locate the moon. Look longingly at the sky. Talk to others. Don’t lose track of where you are. This is the invitation from the Warbler to the other canyon inhabitants of the audience.

In this site-specific performance, spectators are led down a long dirt road through the remote desert. Along the way, they encounter the denizens of the desert: Echo, Narcissus, the Grey Woman, Turkey, and the Warbler. Medusa invites each of them into her chamber.

The land is remote – a field station in southeastern Utah, managed by the University of Utah. One must intentionally go to this isolated floodplain on the Colorado Plateau. Once there, visitors are rewarded with breathtaking beauty and sweeping landscapes.

The In-Between was designed for spectators to walk as a group, encountering different characters and moments along their path. They share time with one another, reflect on intimacy and distance in the desert landscape, and participate in an ambulatory performance indistinguishable from the magnificence of the setting.

Influenced by the writings of Edward Abbey, and As Eve Said to the Serpent: On Landscape, Gender, and Art by Rebecca Solnit. Created by Grapefuit Lab.

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