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Part science lab, part disco, Roller Skating With My Cousin is a lively, dark romp in which synchronized roller skaters build a tower under a star-flecked mirror ball sky.

Chorus (a.k.a. The Large Hadron Collider) [photo by Erin Preston]

Combining the biblical Tower of Babel with the sexual revolutionary act of roller skating – while asking whether we can create a custom-designed universe in our kitchen sink and, furthermore, why did Ronald Reagan fail as the anti-Christ?

Roller Skating With My Cousin is a musical love letter from the future, on wheels, with utter disregard for logic and linearity… the 1980s have long been thought of as a time best forgotten… Then along came the delightfully whacked-out lunatics at the LIDA Project.

—Kurt Brighton, The Denver Post

It’s riveting, surprising, a beautiful cross…between theater and life.

—Juliet Wittman, Westword

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