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What does it mean to be a person – to have a body, and live in it – to make choices, and change over time – to tell the truth?

A painting of
Truth emerging from her well,
ripped along the bust to reveal tattoos and coveralls,
and text with the show title & dates.

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Pity+Fear in an intimate and darkly comic attempt at a one-woman tragedy, featuring two women and a guitar. Over the course of the evening, Miriam & Josie fail to grapple with queer identity, platonic realism, the conflicting myths of Agraulos, and what to order for dinner.

There are no new ideas. There are only new ways of making them felt.

—Audre Lorde


Pity+Fear (a travesty) was, beginning to end, incisive, insightful, sensitive and at keen times humorous without trivializing anyone’s struggles and challenges.

Queen City Sounds & Art: Live Show Review


Mia in yellow coveralls on a black background
lit from below
with her arms raised and papers falling around her
Miriam looking at her wet hands
Miriam reaching dramatically across her body
with a ladder in the background
Josie sitting with a guitar,
looking at the camera
Miriam lit from below
with her hands pulling away from her chest
A blur of Miriam
in front of a black platform
covered in stacks of paper and a mop bucket.
Josie's feet, guitar, and light board
are visible in the background
Miriam holding a crumpled wad of paper
and talking,
with Josie out of focus behind her
Miriam crouched by a platform covered in paper,
writing on a roll of white gaff tape
Josie singing in the foreground,
with Miriam on a ladder looking at papers behind her
Josie singing in the foreground,
with Miriam on a ladder out of focus behind her
Miriam holding a paper with a drawing of
a half-child, half-serpent,
gesturing and talking
Miriam looking down,
with one hand on her leg
and the other hand across her pelvis
Miriam from behind at a microphone,
mostly dark, but glowing with a blue light on her face
Josie singing a song
Miriam at the top of a ladder,
holding papers and talking into a microphone
Miriam leans over a mop bucket
to wash her hands.
The bucket is glowing from inside
and surrounded by papers
Miriam has one arm extended
but is looking down at the other
as it brushes something from her leg
Josie's mic and hand in the foreground
but the focus is Miriam's shadow cast in blue light
on the back wall of the theater
next to a rack of stage lights
Production photos by Kenny Storms


Written by Miriam Suzanne, with original music & lyrics by Josselyn Cool (Better Selfs, Teacup Gorilla). Designed & developed with Julie Rada, Kenny Storms, Ben Meyer Reimer, and Erin Rollman. Thanks to Buntport Theater for generously providing us a space to perform.

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