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CSS Cascade 6 (Scope)

» spec @ W3C CSS Working Group

Cascade & Inheritance Level 6 defines scoped styles – allowing authors to provide bounded ranges for selector-matching, and give priority to more ‘proximate’ scope origins.

W3C CSS Working Group

since March 2020 » open source

I was invited to join the CSS Working Group to help develop the next level of Cascading & Inheritance – along with Container Queries, CSS scoping, and more.


since July 2017 » open source

Sass is the most mature, stable, and powerful professional grade CSS extension language in the world.


» open source @ OddBird

Design systems streamline development, communication, and consistency – but often rely on dedicated teams and extended budgets.


» open source @ OddBird

Design systems must be meaningful to both humans and machines Accoutrement provides Sass design-token management that improves readability and consistency, while encouraging automation.

Sassy Toolkits

» talk

a case-study in building and sharing open-source Sass


» open source @ OddBird

True is a full-featured unit-testing library for Sass. The core functionality is written in pure SassScript, so it can be used anywhere Sass is compiled. Advanced features are available with our JS test-runner integration.


» open source @ OddBird

Susy was a lightweight grid-layout engine for Sass, originally released in 2009. Over time, it became one of the most popular layout frameworks on the web, before retiring in 2020.